Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Princess Ariel

Princess Ariel has arrived!

Robert collected her from Battersea Dogs Home on Friday afternoon so we
could spend the weekend with her.

She's very petite and elegant so I decided she should wear a Tiara.

We were not amused :)

I think she will settle in well.


Scrappy~Sarah said...

awww the tiara suits her very well :)

Anonymous said...

She does look a bit cross Linda lol. You will give her a good home and I am certain that she will be very happy with you. But by the looks of her I know who will be boss.

Lynn said...

She does look at home already, very regal. Did you choose the name? thinks she will keep you on your toes!

Anita said...

She is very pretty Linda ( and that comes from a NOT cat person lol), she looks fab in the tiara lol. Look forward to the layout from those pics. She is lucky to have such a lovely Mummy and Daddy.xx

Linda said...

Jill, think the word is 'haughty' lol!
Lynn, she was already named Ariel.
She's taken over already and keeps zooming round the house at breakneck speed, skidding on the wood floors and taking the stairs 6 at a time :) !!!!