Wednesday, 27 October 2010


I took these photo's at our local Pets at Home.
They have a huge selection of fish both tropical and freshwater.

I really was fascinated by the Sea Horses and once was lucky enough to find a skeleton of one on a beach.
They sell for a whopping £150 each and are very difficult to keep.

Don't know what this one was but he was very friendly :)

The Nemo fish were whizzing round the tank so blurred the image.

I'd love to keep fish but they'd probably end up like my houseplants - dead :(


Anita said...

Why not try with coldwater to start with then Linda....much easier ( and cheaper! And harder to kill lol) I am so with you on the houseplants though....I kill em all lol)
Seahorses are totally fascinating aren't they :).xxx

Lynn said...

Best not buy the fish then Hun! Love the seahorses too. Pets at home came to work on Tuesday with rabbits and guinea pigs for the children to handle. It was a huge success.