Saturday, 9 October 2010


Prior to our afternoon tea, we decided to visit Battersea dogs home.

As you may recall, we lost our beloved Jess in July and are missing him very much.
We were thinking about maybe getting another cat - not to replace him as he could never be replaced - but for the company and having a bundle of fur to love and cuddle.

I had seen a cat called Ariel on their website and thought how beautiful she looked.

On arrival we had to complete an application form and have an interview which went well and we were told that if we wanted to, we could take a suitable cat that very day!

We went to the cattery and had a look around.
We met Monkey and Tippy who are 6 month old kittens but felt they would be too much of a handful with Dad around. We also met Bill who was a real bruiser that reminded us too much of Jess.
But then we met Ariel, below, and fell in love with her.

She is very petite and elegant, very much the lady.

Unfortunately she has a cold at present, so, once she had recovered and been "done" we can pick her up.

We hope to bring her home around the 15th October all being well but I wont count my Chickens yet!


Anita said...

Awwww, Linda, she looks so lovely. I am so pleased for you (((hugs)))

Scrappy~Sarah said...

gorgeous. we lost our Jess the cat this summer too. Ariel looks gorgeous, I hope she can come home soon

Karen said...

Awww Linda, she looks lovely. I'm sure you will be very happy together.

Jules said...

She's so gorgeous, and a very lucky kitty to get a fab new home :D