Friday, 8 October 2010

The Adventures of Desk Ted

I would like to introduce you to Desk Ted, he sits on my desk usually but decided earlier in the week that he wanted a little excitement.
Below is a photo of him in his usual position.

And having his mid-morning nap...

Having a quick drink before heading home....

Then of course the Bear Necessities of Life - which must remain behind closed doors.

Caffeine - The only way to start the day.

At work....

Surfing the web -Good choice of site Desk Ted! 

On the train and arriving at Crayford

Watching the news and having an early night.

Looking out at the miserable weather.

Ted in a box LOL!

Desk Ted smells a rat!

 I hope to keep a weekly blog diary of Desk Ted's adventures and encounters over the next few months and shall also be uploading to FB on, hopefully, a daily basis.
So far he has expressed an interest in being a builders mate and doing some work experience in the post office. If you know somewhere Desk Ted can have an adventure, please feel free to suggest it to me :)


Anita said...

Hello Desk Ted......come down South for a bit, our small( but perfectly formed) friend Nigel will take you out and about for some adventures.xx

Linda said...

Desk Ted said he'd love to come...See you soon xxx