Sunday, 27 June 2010

Royal Hospital Chelsea - Elephants 5

Elephant 203 - Grayson
Artist: Polly Hope
Elephant 230 - Mr Brown
Artist: Anonymous

Elephant 177 - Utopia
Artist: Mitch Freeman

Elephant 245 - Jade
Artist: Tim Hayward

Elephant 41 - Travels on my Elephant
Artist: Elephant Family

Elephant 149 - Chennai Super Kings
Artist: Lalit Modi

Elephant 143 - Rajasthan Royals
Artist: Lalit Modi

Elephant 168 - Coco
Artist: Fernando Pires Jorge & Mariana Bassani

Elephant 150 - Royal Challengers Bangalore
Artist: Lalit Modi

Elephant 171 - Jarlo
Artist: Marty Thornton

Elephant 250 - The Haecceity Elephant
Artist:Valerie Lippens

Elephant 89 - Brambles
Artist: Diana Ralston

Elephant 156 - Tinkle
Artist: Louise Dear

Royal Hospital Chelsea - Elephants 4

Elephant 204 - Elhi
Artist: HRH Prince Michael of Kent
Elephant 64 - Patron
Artist: Ashwan Khanna

Elephant 94 - Charmed
Artist: Eitan Portnoy

Elephant 61 - Shaant Haathi
Artist: Arabella Sim

Close up of the flowers

Elephant - Lahu Girl
Artist: Yodsaran Chaidungkaew

More Westfield

Westfield is quite a new shopping centre situated near Shepherds Bush, West London.
The architecture and shop designs are spectacular.

One of the staircases in the atrium area with wooden fins.

The ceiling of the atrium.

Beautiful chandeliers.

The light below looks like the underside of a UFO.

Designer shops.

Robert and Denise discussing iPhone apps :)
Notice Robert is holding my latest purchase - I really am a bad girl but they had a sale on!

This was taken from the train window on the way home showing the dockland area skyline.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Royal Chelsea Hospital - Elephants 3

And there are more....
Elephant 29 - Blue Macaw
Artist: Jirawan Suwanaklang
Elephant 26 - Spike
Artist: Jirawan Suwanaklang

Elephant 18 - Panda
Artist: Turdsak Piromkraipak

Elephant 91 - Cupcake
Artist: Dick Roberts

Elephant 200 - Dickinson Elephant
Artist: Phoebe Dickinson

Elephant 238 - The Isles Of London
Artist: Stephen Walter

Will be back with more tomorrow :)