Saturday, 26 June 2010

Selfridges Elephants

The Safari trail is coming to an end and I'm desperate to collect the rest before they are auctioned.
With this in mind I took a lunchtime excursion to Selfridges last week to view those in-store.

Elephant 216 - The Emerald Queen
Artist: Sabine Roemer

Elephant 50 - Heaven's Haathi
Artist: Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla

Elephant 258 - Ziggy
Artist: Matthew Williamson

These photographs dont do him justice, he's all glittery :)
Elephant 249 - Spooning Sunday
Artist: Claire Snell & Tory Bauer

Not a clear photo unfortunately, but, these are all metal enamelled badges.

Elephant 217 - The Spirit of India
Artist: Sacha Jafri

There was supposed to be a 6th elephant on site but they had complaints and had to remove it.
Evidently it was "a bit too saucy!"

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Lynn said...

These look very decorative, I guess thats why they are inside. Maybe you will see the missing nellie at Chelsea?!