Saturday, 26 June 2010

Royal Hospital Chelsea - Elephants

The herd had migrated to the Royal Hospital Chelsea.
We visited on Friday 25th June and photographed lots more....
Elephant 58 - Sunny
Artist: Ruth Powys
Elephant 46 - Bobby
Artist: Thammakit Thamboon

Elephant 44 - Fish & Chips
Artist: Thammakit Thamboon 

Elephant 39 - Ladybird
Artist: Peera Bangkae

Elephant 31 - The Swan
Artist: Peera Bangkae


Jilly said...

Crikey Linda - I can't keep up with you. I love these elephants and am sorely tempted to buy some in the shop - not bid for those biggies though. Did you see the tickets for the auction were £75 each. That'll keep out the riff raff like me lol

Lynn said...

How many did you buy then Linda?!?

Linda said...

The small ones 10cm are £30+ !!