Saturday, 26 June 2010

A trip to Westfield

The elephant parade is now drawing to a close and all the herds have migrated to 2 places.
This is some of the indoor herd (some were AWOL!) at Westfield Shopping Centre.
Elephant 56 - Love Ellie
Artist - Andrew Logan

These photo's dont really do justice to the colour as she was hot pink!
I loved the addition of a glass apple in her trunk as below

Elephant 84 - Matilda
Artist: Craig Ritchie & Maribel  Castro

Elephant 224 - Eli
Artist: Sandra Sashou

Elephant 97 - Saffron
Artist: Ellen Stewart

Elephant 184 - The Human Disease
Artist: Nathan McKenna

A close up - its all little people and cases etc :)

Elephant 172 - Luna
Artist: 9web

This one doesn't look anything special, however, it has loads of LED's in it which twinkle when switched on.
Unfortunately there was no power :( and the plug was sitting redundant between his back legs.

An overview of the area, 13 here, some already blogged.
I noticed they were placed on the St George's Cross.

Re-visited this one too as it had been moved from Coutts and placed in the village.
Again, photo does not do justice to the colour and sparkle.

A pair of elephants together :)


Anonymous said...

These are fantastic Linda. I can't wait to go on Monday.

Lynn said...

That last one is really special, I wonder how much he would be?

Linda said...

Last time i looked the bid was over £10k