Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Sights of London

Some more of the photographs taken whilst on Safari recently:
The first two are of Hay's Galleria which is situated next to London Bridge.
From Wikipedia:
Hay's Galleria is a riverside shopping arcade and entertainment venue in the London Borough of Southwark situated on the south bank of the River Thames. It is a converted 'wharf', in fact an enclosed dock, built in 1856 by Sir William Cubitt and originally known as Hay's Wharf, named after its owner, the merchant Alexander Hay.

This is a new developement next to City Hall, the shapes of this building are so interesting.
Notice the bridge joining them near the top? I think that may be a little scary to cross :)

It was wet enought that day without the water exhibit below.

And of course Tower Bridge over 100 years old.

We then headed to Green Park where Robert had a close encounter with a furry friend -

We couldn't believe that he came so close!

On to The Mall for another historical masterpiece, Buckingham Palace.

Back towards Charing Cross, St James Palace.

And finally, the Queen's parents King George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons.


Anita said...

Some fabulous photos there Linda, I enjoyed the guided tour, thank you :).xx

Karen said...

Nice photos Linda - such contrasting buildings.

Cheryl said...

Aww amazing photos Linda x

Lynn said...

Such a lot of information as wel as lvoely photos. LTB should employ you!