Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Les Miserables - Saturday 29th May.

My friend Lynn called at lunchtime on Saturday, she was in London to Les Miserables and ended up with a spare ticket. She asked if I was free to go, which was lucky as we hadn't gone out as planned due to the weather. I jumped at the chance and hopped on a train.
This is a picture from outside the Queen's Theatre on Shaftsbury Avenue.

In the foyer, they had the most amazing chandelier.
They are glass globes suspended on fibre optic cables which then snake around inside the orbs.

These photo's dont do it justice.

The performance was absolutely fantasic and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Thanks again Lynn for inviting me to join you.


Anita said...

How lucky was that :) and those globes are just stunning, fab shots Linda ..xx

Lynn said...

Great photos Linda, Great you could come up to Lndon and enjoy the show.