Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sparkly Nails

I painted my nails last week and was really disappointed that they started flaking and cracking two days later! I had even applied base and top coat.

On the Pinterest site, I had seen this "Gel" Manicure you could do at home called Sensationail which comes with a UV lampbox. The start-up kit (including light box) is £70.00 from Boots so I thought I'd look round for someone doing it so I could try it first.

Nails Inc have a salon in House of Fraser, Bluewater, where they do it.
Its called a three week manicure but the lady who did it said it would last longer but there would be growth at the nail bed which would look wrong after that.

Here is the result. I chose the cherry red. There are layers of clear gel and coloured gel, each one is set with the UV lightbox. The magic thing is that the sparkles over the top can be removed with non-acetone remover and the red will remain - I thought this was quite clever.

The picture above is on day one so I will (hopefully) take another later and share the progess.

I'd be interested to hear if any of you have tried this out?


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Anita said...

WOW! They look fabulous Linda, really pretty. I look forward to seeing how they last x