Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Elephants on Parade 2010....cont .7.

Elephant 228 - Mr Cameron
Artist: Anonymous

Elephant 231 - The Illustrated Elephant
Artist: Soju Tanaka

Elephant 251 - Oscar
Artist: Vanity Fair

Elephant 115 - Eco the Elephant - Revisited
Artist: Haverstock School and Olswang LLP

As this elephant was in the Olswang reception they would only allow photographs through the window, which was tinted glass! Here he is a Chelsea so can be photographed properly.

Elephant 52 - Clair de Lune
Artist: Adam Durrance

Elephant 15 - Mr Stripe
Artist: Ittikan Chaingam

Elephant 75 - Colourful Hope
Artist: Cako Martin

Elephant 105 - Elephant Ladyland
Artist: Giacomo Bretzel

Elephant 32 - Little Bird
Artist: Peera Bangkae

Elephant 131 - Sidhe
Artist: John Rocha

Elephant 93 - Tango
Artist: Sir David Tang

Elephant 160 - Kissed by Lulu Guinness
Artist: Lulu Guinness

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