Wednesday, 22 September 2010

More from Eastbourne

Here are some more photo's taken at the retreat.
The pier taken from the veranda the the Chatsworth Hotel.

Lynn on the phone :)

I had to have my photo taken with the stag, although I'm going to scrap it as Dear oh Deer!

And here is Zoe's special dinner which started the Sprout wars - a long story but it kept us amused!

I thought I was seeing things when I woke up and saw the following view.
There is a cross out to sea and I could not see a ship base or anything below it.
A devine visitation? Unfortunately not, Anita says it's a!

A close-up below.


Mrs Wonka said...

Great pics, sprout wars is far from over! xxx

Linda said...


Scrappy~Sarah said...

lol looking forward to the layout. will you be scrapping the sprout war?

Anita said...

Some great pics there Linda :)
and yes.....sprouts WILL one day rule the world....and the universe!!! mwahahahaha

Lynn said...

Looking forward to more sprout wars! Great photos. I didn't know you took the one of me on the phone!