Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Cherry on Top Award

My good friend Anita has been kind enough to share the following award with me.

I have to do a few things upon accepting this kind award.

 To thank the lovely lady who awarded it to me....Thank-You Anita!

 Display the award onto my blog

 List 3 things about me 

OK, what to put......

1. I'm a Great-Aunt 3 times, my nephew (sister's son) has two beautiful children, Abi and Rowan.
My niece (brother's daughter) has a fantastic daughter called Megan.
They seem to be the main focus of most of my LO's these days.

2. Having lost our cat recently, I am in a dilemma - do I get another cat(s)?
I miss him terribly and don't feel he could be replaced, but I also miss having cuddles and
being Miaowed at :)
I have added the Battersea Dogs Home app to my iphone and keep checking out the cats and kittens.
I am actually surprised at the hoops you have to just through to re-home an animal - you have to be interviewed, then, if successful, have a home visit before they consider matching you with a pet!
Amazing really when any Moron can have a baby!!

3. I have just had a Hemangioma removed from the nape of my neck.
What (I hear you ask) is one of them on a Monday morning???
It's a cluster of blood vessels outside the body and due to it's location, poured with blood every time I brushed my hair - Yeeeuuuck!
I went for a consultation (Private Medical Insurance is fantastic) and to my huge surprise, he "removed" it there and then!
Robert said I was very brave and didn't make a fuss :)
The anasthetic (local) made my nose numb though LOL! 

And, if you made it this far?, post a favourite picture.

Here is one I took recently of Robert while we were on holiday (Sharm el Sheikh) where he was totally unaware of me taking it :)

Last but not least, pass the award onto 5 fellow bloggers:
I would like to nominate the following -
Back at Anita with bells on - I am sooo inspired by your work!
Lynn - another great inspiration and a wonderful friend - Thanks!
Jill - another great friend who also owns Cardinal Colours a fab on-line shop.
A friend and fellow crafter Liz who makes the most intricately beautiful cards.
Also to Elaine of Quixotic Paperie who sells Kraftin Kimmie stamps (among others) and makes the most beautiful cards.....

Have fun ladies :)

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