Saturday, 28 August 2010

Elephants on Parade 2010.....cont .5.

Back for more - I hope I'm not boring you now :)

Elephant 87 - The Happy End of Nature
Artist: Deniz Balabaner

Elephant 6 - Forever Birds
Artist: Anchalee Intorn

Elephant 132 - Young at Art
Artist: John D Wilson

Elephant 153 - Clearing
Artist: Lela Shields

Elephant 235 - Poppy
Artist: Sophie Coryndon

Elephant 117 - Untitled
Artist: India Jane Birley

Elephant 121 - James Bond
Artist: Oliver Lloyd & Lucy Fleming


Anita said...

Some more smashing photos Linda, you have really got some great shots to work with haven;t you :)
loving the new loook of your blog....very swish :)...xxxxx

Lynn said...

Great photos, plenty to scrap now!