Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Elephants on Parade 2010 - Gerald - Not for the faint hearted!!!

Elephant 135 - Gerald
Artist: Jonathan Yeo

Ok.... here is not read on if easily offended!

He looks innocent enough here, however, Selfridges received complaints and had to have him removed from their window.

I was intrigued as he looks harmless in the brochure photo as above, so I found out that he was on view at China White Club off Oxford Street between 1-2pm.
I got to the club and had to go downstairs and here he was....
still looking innocent.

Several other people were looking at the same time as me when we discovered that the leaves are actually cut from pornographic photos.
The artist Jonathan Yeo is evidently renowned for this.

Caution - the following are close ups - proceed at your own risk!

I shall say no more :)


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Anita said...

roflmao Linda....I remember you telling us about Gerald at the crop :)...goodness me, he is quite ummmm...different isn't he! The artist certainly didn't 'fanny about' when he thought up that design eh ;) ARE you going to scrap him?????