Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Erith Yacht Club

Lynn & Alan kindly invited us to view the new building for The Erith Yacht Club.
This is the logo on the lobby floor and the New building - the area is still under construction.
Some of the Yachts around the area...
Shame about the weather!
Below is the old Club house, a former Norwegian Ferry which is being returned to Norway as a Museum exhibit. Next to it is a former club house boat which is now a wreck, sunk in the sand (mud).

A view over Crayford marshes and the interior of the upper floor.
Makes a perfect venue for scrapbooking - the area expands or divides as needed

Apart from the weather it was a great visit.

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Lynn said...

Glad you liked it Linda, it will be interestin to watch as it all takes shape inside now.