Sunday, 30 May 2010

Chelsea Flower Show 2010

Friday 28th May, Robert and I visited the Chelsea Flower Show.
Here a re a few of the 100's of photographs I took :)

Below is a water tank in the Trailfinders Garden.
It was quite amazing and was bubbling like mad, we really wanted to take a dip as it was a very hot day.

Beautiful stonework below of a Peacock at The Victorian Aviary Garden.

This is the Cancer Research Garden which I think was my favourite.
I loved the "steps" created with the box hedge.

A Bee enjoying the AOC Lavender in the L'Occitane Garden.

A beautiful Blue Iris.

Crystanths from inside the Marquee.
I showed these to Jane Gill today who's going to try to recreate them with paper punches, can't wait for the results.

I just love the structure of the flower below.

The M&G Garden.
Something a lot of people could actually achieve in their gardens.

Stone Roses.


Anita said...

wow,wow,WOW, what absolutely stunning photos Linda, you have some real corkers there. Looks like you had a wonderful

Jilly said...

WOW. What stunning photos. And what a lovely thing to do. I ebny you visiting. I saw some of it on the TV

Lynn said...

Beautiful Linda, glad you had good weather for it.