Sunday, 16 May 2010

Elephants on Parade 2010 - Page 4

Unfortunately, due to a pulled muscle in my leg, the safari has been temporarily halted.
Here are some I collected earlier in the week....

Elephant 155 - Elephantastic
Artist: Lily  Marneffe
Location: Devonshire Square, Nr Liverpool St Stn

Elephant 60 - Map Elephant
Artist: Anna Simmons
Location: Devonshire Square, Nr Liverpool St Stn

Elephant 196 - Izzy
Artist: Paul Roberts
Location: Lime Street, by the Lloyds Building

This one is so clever, see the way the train goes from his leg to nose via the "tunnel"

And a paddle steamer on the other side...
Based on Isambard Kingdom Brunell, and with a sense of humour...

Elephant 2 - Radja
Artist: Wilairat Tano
Location: Market Place, Nr Oxford Circus

Love the detail...

Elephant 152 - Frank
Artist: Leinz
Location: Market Place, Nr Oxford Circus

Elephant: Elephish
Artist: Mariana Bassani
Location: Foubert's Place/Regent Street

Elephant 113 - Monopoly Community Chest
Artist: Hasbro and invited artists
Location: Inside Hamleys, Regent Street.

Elephant 114 - Zambi
Artist: Donna Goes, Hasbro Inc
Location: Inside Hamleys, Regent Street

Elephant 34 - Little Moo
Artist: Turdsak Piromkraipak
Location: Cavendish Square, W1

Elephant 206 - Mr Bojangles
Artist: Princess Pea
Location: Cavendish Square

Elephant 223 - Rangoli
Artist: Sandie Cook
Location: Cavendish Square, W1

Elephant 37 - Woodland
Artist: Nartkanok Laomata
Location: Cavendish Square, W1


Lynn said...

Some great finds Linda, shame about this weekend. We will have to try for another time soon.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these Linda. They are a similar idea to the lms in Liverpool aren't they? Some great colours and lovely photos. What have you done to your leg then? Not fallen off a train again I hope

liz said...

What a wonderful idea. Aren't they fabulous? x

Anita said...

Oh dear, hope your leg is ok now? (((hugs))). These are amazing, all so different! You have some beautiful shots of them Linda, so