Saturday, 8 May 2010

Elephants on Parade 2010

On the way to work I noticed an Elephant statue, then another, then another!
It piqued my interest so I googled it and found that they are part of an exhibition:

I have decided to "collect" as many as I can and will add to this as I go along:)

Elephant 211 - Hope
Artist: Richard Symonds
Location: Outside the BT building opposite St Paul's Tube station

Elephant 188 - Mayur Gajendra
Artist: Nilesh Mistry
Location: Outside BlackRock, King William Street

Elephant 186 - Around the World
Artist: Nilesh Mistry
Location: Black Rock, King William Street

Elephant 80 - Ritual
Artist: Cian McLoughlin
Location: St Paul's Churchyard

Elephant 83 - Midnight Indigo
Artist: Cornelia O'Donovan
Location: Bow Churchyard

Elephant 74 - Elephant Race (Against Time)
Artist: Caio Locke
Location: Bank Station

Elephant 106 - Cosmos
Artist: Ewelina Kawarska
Location: Bank Station

Elephant 68 - Taxi Elephant
Artist: Benjamin Shine
Location: The Royal Exchange

Elephant 173 - The Paul Smith Elephant
Artist: Sir Paul Smith
Location: The London Exchange

Elephant 244 - Jewel-ele
Artist: Tarun Tahiliani
Location: The Royal Exchange (Inside)

Elephant 107 - Cartier
Artist: Cartier at The Royal Exchange
Location: The Royal Exchange (Inside)

Elephant 115 - Eco The Elephant
Artist: Haverstock School and Olswang PLC
Location: Olswang Plc, High Holborn.
Inside the lobby but they wont let you take photos inside!

These are through the tinted glass windows....

Elephant 33 - Ganesh
Artist: Nut Thamrongpittayanan
Location: India Place, Aldwych

Elephant 179 - 21st Century Ganesh
Artist: Mythili Thevendrampillai
Location: India Place, Aldwych

Elephant 201 - The Elephant Outside the Room
Artist: Pochoir
Location: St Paul's Churchyard
This one has the message:
Paint me and take a photo, so It's already covered in grafitti.


Lynn said...

Wow, What a collection! are you planning to find he rest?

Lynn said...

Looking at Elephant #201 - only yesterday I was having a conversation about the concept of 'the elephant in the room'!

Linda said...

Yes Lynn, have bern on safari today and found @ 55 more!
Will add them later ;)

Linda said...

Lynn, there is one called "the elephant in the room" too :)

liz said...

Wow! What stunning ideas. x