Saturday, 13 February 2010

Martha Stewart Goodies

QVC had a TSV on Wednesday last week and I just couldn't resist. Here's what I got.

The value was outstanding as each set had a "round the page" punch set, a deep border punch and an image punch with 3 stamps in the top.
Here are the 2 sets along with a circle cutter I also bought. It's really clever the central disc rotates and has holes like a spirograph into which you put the blade and turn to create perfect circles. Will let you know how it works later!


Anita said...

i am not jealous....I am NOT jealous.....IIIIIII AAAAMMMMMM JEALOUS!!!!! LOL. Linda, you lucky thing, how wonderful, they look fabby! And how lucky, they sold out really quickly didn;t they. Can;t wait to see what you make with them.xx warmest wishes Anita..xx

Linda said...

I shall bring them 2 the next crop and debden so u can play :)

Lynn said...

Look really good, can I play too?!?!