Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Inspired by Lynn

I have been following Lynn's 52 walks on her blog and it inspired me to share the following which I shall call Lunchtime Walk :)

I have always been interested in architecture and love the way old and new nestle alongside each other.

The building I work in is quite modern in design and shape with 2 entrances, one on Holborn as below.

Today I went in search of Hotel Chocolat to get a Valentine gift for my husband and walked along streets I've not been down before. I found a new complex of offices with shops along a walkway,
ultra modern in design, with a light sculpture above. I have zoomed a picture to try to show the blue neon lights below. I usually see these on the bus back to the station and in blues and reds.

At the end of the row I found a seating area with a grass sculpture and took the following photograph. I am really pleased with the composition of this picture and also quite surprised how well it came out as I was quite conscious of standing capturing the image with my i-phone. Some people can be very funny about being included in an image.

Back on Holborn, I passed the old Prudential building which stood out beautifully against the blue skies. It now belongs in part to the De Vere group who have function rooms inside.

Further along is a very old Public House called the Cittie of Yorke.
This really shows the contrast between old and new and I'm not sure they actually work next door to each other.

I found the following via Google:
The site of a pub since the 15th century, the Gray's Inn Coffee Shop was built here in 1695. Coffee was introduced to Britain in the mid 17th century and became the fashionable drink. Many coffee shops were the offshoots of taverns (sound familiar?). They sprang up all over London and sold beer and wine too. The Coffee Shop was set back from the road, with a garden at the front. This was built upon and after various incarnations and expansions the whole site was redeveloped in the 1920's.

I have been inside this pub, many years ago, with my brother. It's very strange with wooden floors and little "rooms" with seating, lots of old barrels too.
I hope you have enjoyed this little trip around Holborn and may do some more next time I venture somewhere new.


Lynn said...

Very interesting Linda, and some great photos. Will look out for your next walk. Funnily enough my walk was in London this week too.

Anita said...

Some wonderful pics Linda, such amazing shapes and patterns. You are lucky to have such diverse things to lookk at all around you. I look forwards to the next set you