Monday, 9 June 2014

A different kind of Blog hop.

The lovely Karen aka Scrapdolly invited me to take part in a blog hop tour. 
Karen is a member of our DT over at Scrapology and makes the most amazing digital & Paper layouts and cards. I love reading her blog entries as there are always so many different, interesting, facets involved -not always about crafting. She also shares my love of cats.

It’s a little different to the usual blog hop, because the posts are a week apart and the hop spreads OUT as it goes.  My task was to answer a set of questions, then link to three fellow bloggers.  
Click here Karen's answers from last Monday.  I have added my links at the end of this post.
Thank-you Karen for tagging me! :)

So............I have to answer a few questions now............. 

Firstly - what am I working on?

Well - this is top secret as I am working on future projects for the Scrapology Challenge Blog at lot of the time! However, I recently made a layout for the Merly Impressions Challenge here which I was delighted to have won - Yes I know I am still going on about it but it's the first thing I have have won anything! :)
This weekend I have been making some cards for friends at work as below - I will blog them in more detail later on:

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I don't really have a "style" and tend to just try things out.
At the moment I am really into layers of die-cuts and punches - they have been appearing on a lot of my layouts and cards over the last few months. I also love making my own flowers, especially roses as taught by Hels Sheridan. I try to do messy and get inky but have to keep washing my hands! LOL!

The new thing creeping in now is the Gelli plate but I can't share this just yet.
I love colouring with Copics and am always trying to improve in that area - I love seeing how Elaine of Quixotic Paperie colours her images, she is such an inspiration.

I try to "think outside the box" and when working with our sketches at Scrapology to make them my own.

or add my own twist to a kit -

Why do I write/create what I do?

I've always been a "creative" person starting out with Embroidery whilst at school - I remember winning a prize for an apron I made one year. I progressed onto sewing and made a lot of my own clothes including tailored suits - one in particular I recall is making a pale grey woolen Chanel style Jacket and skirt.
I quite often used to sew dresses for my friend and I using the same pattern but different materials - I must dig out the old photos! Jewellery making came next followed by cards which were inspired by the lovely Lynn who then got me started with Scrapbooking.
Together we started the Scrapology blog which was originally just a monthly layout challenge but soon progressed into cards too.
Blogging initially was a way to show my friends and family things I had created and a medium through which to sell my cards, but, is now a useful way to share hints and tips on crafting, things I have picked up along the way & keep a record for future generations to be able look back and know more about me and mine.

How does your writing/creating process work? 

A lot that I do relates to our monthly challenges so will depend on the sketch, technique or theme to be used.
I don't really have a particular process as sometimes the papers make me think of a photo or vice-versa.
Usually I will just sit and shuffle things until I am happy with the result. 
Sometimes, however, I have to leave them sitting for a while and just "ponder".
Working full time means that I'm often on the back foot and playing catch up with both my creations and especially blogging. I have an app on my ipad for blogger but the photo's always come out huge so I don't often use it at work - plus the fact that lunchtimes are just for "vegging out"

Now for the best bit..........I am tagging the following

I would love to have tagged Lynn but Karen had asked her & I at the same time - but I'm going to add the link to her blog anyway. As I said before, it was Lynn that got me into all this in the first place so it's only fair that she has a mention! Thanks Lynn :)

Sue - Soojay 
I first came across Sue's work via the Sweetpea Stampers blog and we soon became friends.
I love the style of her work and her colouring is exquisite.
We invited her to become part of the Scrapology team and she fits in very nicely - always creating beautiful layouts and cards.
Sue is brilliant at blogging and always keeps a constant stream of inspiration flowing.


Sandra and I first met years back at a Craft Barn event where she was showing her latest range of stamps.
She is also a "teamie"at the Scrapology blog where her unique style complements each challenge.
We have been lucky enough to go to retreats together and I watch in awe as she creates the most stunningly intricate works of art. I have never seen someone put soooooooooooooo much thought and detail into everything they create - I remember in particular watching her glue hundreds (no exageration) of tiny crystals onto a tuille bow individually.
I'm sure we are in for a fun time together at the Merly Impressions retreat in 2 weeks time - can't wait!

I'm going to be naughty too, I asked Louise Nelson via Facebook to join in with the fun but have not heard back from her - she may not have got the message - but, I find her work totally inspiring so just had to include her in this list. 
Louise, if you see this post I hope you don't mind the tag.

Well - That's the end of this major missive - I hope you have got to this point and not been "bored out of your skull!" as they say in the best cartoons - That's all Folks!

Have fun checking out the links above.


Karen leonard said...

Great read Linda ! These posts are such a lovely idea, it really helps you get to know one another a little bit more, and to learn how they tick. Your style is so intricate and pretty, and I love your handwashing comment!!!!
Karen xx

Lynn said...

Thanks for the tag Linda, I remember the early days before you did scrapbooking!

Although I already know all this about you it's interesting to read your answerd to the questions.
Thanks for sharing it all.
Lynn x

scrapdolly said...

This is a great post ... I love having the insight into your creative process. Thank you for being part and having me as a part of the scrapology team