Friday, 30 December 2011

Now the dust has settled....

I can share some of the lovely cards given to me this Christmas by my crafty friends:

Lynn made this one with a beautiful Angel stamp.

Anita created this lovely aerial view of a snowman - how unique is that?
She also made me a cake stand which I will share later - watch this space...

Liz created this gift card which has a pull out drawer with tea lights in.

Sue made the most beautiful pot of paper flowers..

Sorry I should have unwrapped them :( Will blog them again later!
These are the ones she made for my birthday..

Wendy made this cute card with a Warren the Rabbit image from CWC.

Jill gave me this lovely card with a cute bear image.

Chris hand-beaded this bauble for the tree.

This lovely one arrived in the post from Karen.

Sandra sent this lovely embossed card.

Alison sent this cute card too.

Thanks to everyone for these lovely treasures.


Anita said...

We certainly all had some lovely cards and pressies didn't we, lucky girls all of us :).
My snowman card def isn;t unique lol, I took the idea from another that I had seen last christmas online somewhere. Unfortunately I never did save a link so cannot give credit to whoever had made the card I saw, but it was fun making them :)

Alison said...

I love the array of handmade cards we receive from fellow crafty friends - that's a great idea for a post, Linda! I should do the same thing.

Best wishes to you and yours for a fabulous 2012. xxx

Sandra said...

Ooo you received lots of gorgeous handmade creations. Thanks so much for sharing.
The way you set the table for Christmas is stunning and your starter looks scrummy... what a treat!
All the best for 2012.
Sandra x