Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas Dinner and Dad's Birthday

I love to set the table for Christmas Dinner, this year we were only 4.
This is just as we were sitting down to our starter..

Lovely dressed Lobster and Prawn Cocktail :)

It's Dads birthday on Christmas day and this year I made him a fruit cake (Delia's mix from Waitrose) which I covered with marzipan (ready made) and home made royal icing.
I've not done this type of icing for many years so please make allowances :)

This cake stand belonged to my grandmother (or great grandmother?)
I'll take another photo later so you can see how lovely it is.
I added some ready made blue flowers to the top of the cake too but didn't get a chance to take another picture before it was served.

Robert took a video on his phone which I hope to upload too.

Happy Birthday Dad (belatedly I know)



Mrs Wonka said...

Ohhhh the table looks lovely! I made a Delia cake too and completely cheated on the icing! I'll pop it on my blog soon! Hope you all had a lovely day! x

Anita said...

Wow! Your table ( and starter!) look fantastic Linda! And just love the cake ( bet you Dad did too!) I have a vintage cake stand like that too, lovely aren't they. Happy New Year to you

Sue said...

Actually that cake looks fab - i can almost taste it!