Monday, 12 September 2011

More baking & Zoe's birthday cake(s)

The beginning of September was our monthy crop at Cardinal Colours.
Zoe was due to join us again but unfortunately was under the weather and unable to come.
It's her birthday this month so we had a few treats lined up - which we just had to eat ourselves!
We did think of you Zoe while tucking in though!

Anita made the most amazing chocolate fudge cake complete with bunting and deliciously embellished with "sprout"

Sprouts are cool - see, he's wearing shades!

I added to the calories with Lemon Surprise Cup-cakes.

Sorry you couldn't be there Zoe :(

Still can't share what I made craft-wise though....all will be revealed soon!

Sunday I decorated the following cupcakes for work...

Coffee Cream with Hotel Chocolate's chocolate covered coffee beans!

Coconut Cream with Strawberry jam..

Two tone vanilla roses



Anita said...

Oh WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Those cupcakes look absolutely divine Linda....and I already know just how lush the lemon ones were. Making me drool just thinking about them. Such a shame our Zoe missed out eh :(....shall just have to do it all again next month ;)

Mrs Wonka said...

Thank you so much for making me cupcakes! I am so sad that I was too ill to come! :(
They all look so lovely, you are turning into a complete pro! I'd better get my cupcake decorating skills up to date as I'm lagging! LOL Can't wait to see you at the weekend.
Zoe xxx