Thursday, 3 February 2011

Ducati Dilemma

An ex-colleage at work asked for a Harley Davidson card recently then changed the brief to a Ducati.
This is the card I made - admittedly the photo is not 100pc as I had to take it at night and the base card is white. However, upon recipt of the card I could tell she was not happy.
Then I received an e-mail saying "not up to the usual Linda standard" ???
Honest opinions would be greatly appreciated lol!

I printed the bike Photo four times and decoupaged it as below.


Anita said...

Honestly? i think she is a cheeky flipping mare! You supplied what she asked for Linda, nothing more, nothing less. If she wanted it emblazened with flowers and glitter she should have said. Male cards are so much harder to make anyway, you can't embellish them with all the pretty things that you can easily get for girly cards. Do you think she means that you haven't cut out the bike from your cricut and built it up like you would have done with one of those type of cards? I think next time I would tell her to make her own!! I can't see anything wrong with it. Has she seen your personalised ones with photos of the birthday person maybe? If so then she SHOULD have provided a pic for you to use or been more specific with what she expected on the card. See you on sat :)

lol at the word verification's 'worneout'....yep, that would be me then!!!LOL

Linda said...

Thanks Anita - you can't really see it in the photo but the bike was printed 4 times, cut and decoupaged out!

Yes - looking forward to saturday!

My verification word is Elate :)

Lynn said...

Well Linda it seems you can't please them all!! You did as asked despite her changing her mind at the last minute. I agree with all the comments Anita made. It's a very good card and fits her requests 110%. See you tomorrow. x

Scrappy~Sarah said...

You did what was asked, there is a lot of work gone into that card :) I think it fits the brief perfectly and she changed her mind. Ignore it, I would be more than happy with it :)

Claireliz said...

But that's what she asked for, Personally I'd tell her to stick it & not make them for her anymore - I used to make them for people at work but they always moaned about the price. If she feels its not up to your "usual standard" tell her to make one herself & see what she comes up with. I think its perfect for a bloke.

BTW my word verification was crone lol

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tinaf44 said...

Hi Linda

I cant see anything wrong with it?
you took the time to actually take a photo. that in itself have been appreciated.
Did you have any comments from the receiver?
Next time the person in question asks, maybe you should say NO.
Tina x

KraftyKaren said...

Its a fab card - so much work has gone into the decopage. Anita is so right - male cards are so hard to make. But she asked for something specific and that is what you gave her. If she had something more specific that she wanted then she should have made it much clearer.

liz said...

I agree with everyone Linda. The card is great and perfect for a man. Like the others if she doesn't like it, then tell her to do it herself! xx