Monday, 5 April 2010

Pro-Marker Storage Solved..

Lynn & I have been pondering recently on the best way to store Pro-Markers.
We looked at Ikea & Costco but couldn't find anything suitable.
We wanted to separate them into colour sets so we could easily find them.
In Hobbycraft the other day I found these really useful boxes and they are perfect.
I got 4 boxes and divided them between them, blues and greens together, purples with greys and black as below.

They fit perfectly into the boxes and two even contain the rubber holders supplied by Letraset for when I'm colouring.


Lynn said...

I thought I had commented on your boxes already. What size did you buy in the end? Is your room alsorted now?

Linda said...

The 1.6L boxes. They work quite well too as you can stand them up when using them, makes it easier to find the colour you want. Not as good as the cases though, shame they dont do one that fits more in:)

Lynn said...

I have a few of that size, I'm off to try this out!