Sunday, 18 April 2010

Blogger Award

Liz (Crafty Educator) was kind enough to send me this Blogger Award, visit her blog from the link on the right. Thanks Liz!
Now I have to list 7 crafty things I have done.
1. I love cooking and used to create lots of different recipes, especially cakes and gateaux. I like making novelty cakes and made Liannes birthday cakes every year and some for other people too. (must dig out some photographs to scrap!!)
2. I used to make and sell Jewellery, mainly with semi precious stones.
3. I like sewing and used to make all my own clothes. I actually won an award at school for my embroidery.
4. I love card making and have my own website to sell them.
5. I created my on website and this blog - which I am quite proud of :)
6. Lynn introduced me to scrapbooking which I also now really enjoy.
7. I now run a Scrapaholix class with Lynn where hopefully we are able to pass on our creativity and inspire others to craft.

Thanks again, Liz, for this award.
I would like to award it back to you, to Jill (Cardinal Colours) who CAN make cards!! and to Anita who creates the most beautiful LO's and cards.

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liz said...

Thank you linda. Wow you really deserved the award. Liz x