Friday, 12 March 2010

Sunshine Award

I was very lucky to receive this Sunshine Award from two of my very good friends, Lynn & Anita.
Both have been scrapbooking and card making a lot longer than I and have been an inspiration to me.
I feel very honoured that they chose to award this to me.
Check out their blogs, A moment in time and Inky Blossom (links to the right) to see the fantastic work they both do - Thanks Ladies.
They are both regular visitors to my blog leaving lovely comments - I feel very humbled.
I would like to reciprocate and award the accolade back to them too & to my other blogging buddies, Jill & Liz.


liz said...

Oh Linda, thank you very much for my special award. I have been lucky enough to receive one from both you and Lynn. Thank you very much. I love reading your blog and seeing the clever cards you do. Just a point, I don't seem able to transfer the award over to my blog - how pathetic is that? Any clues, please? xx

Linda said...

Hi Liz,

Just right click the picture and save onto your computer then upload in the normal way :)

Love reading your blog too, although you've been a little quiet of late LOL!!


liz said...

Thanks Linda, I'll give it a go. I know I've been quiet - but hopefully I'm back on form and you'll be fed up with me!! x

Jilly said...

Oh what is a Sunshine Award then? Have I missed something here?

Linda said...

You can collect your award cut and paste onto your blog :)