Saturday, 20 March 2010

New Venue for Crayford Scrapaholix Club

We had outgrown our old venue so Lynn managed to get a room at her office to rent.
This is a picture of the building taken when I arrived on Thursday.
Along with some some photos of the ladies working hard on their pages.

Thanks Lynn for find a wonderful venue, I'm sure we'll be very happy there.


liz said...

Looks a really nice venue Linda. Lots of room. xx

Linda said...

It is Liz, shame you don't live closer :)

Anita said...

That looks just perfect Linda, hope you have lots of good times there. I agree with your comment to Liz, it is a shame we are not all closer.xx have fun.xx

Lynn said...

The club is grwing fast, we may need a bigger room that this soon!!