Sunday, 4 October 2009


Had a fabulous day at Jill's crop and made some lovely pages for the new addition to our family, Rowan, album.
Unable to show the pages unfortunately though :(

****Edited Page*****
Just wanted to say Thanks to Jill and all for another great day.

Am off to play with my new toy, a Cricut that Robert bought for my birthday (next month) and finish the pages mentioned above.


Anonymous said...

Its a shame that you can't show the pages Linda. They were really lovely. And I told you not to open that Cricut lol. Enjoy using it. i love mine

Anita said...

I agree Jill, it is a shame, it was a truly beautiful and delicate page. Enjoy your new toy Linda, you lucky thing you :D

Lynn said...

And very lovely the lastest pages are too Linda, such a shame you can't show them off. My Niece is thrilled that I add the LO's and photos of her babies to my blog, she enjoys seeing them there and says it is a good way of sharing the latest photos with all our mutal friends and family.
Robert did not take the new toy away and make you wait until your birthday then!!