Saturday, 31 October 2009

Christmas Decorations

The past few years I've found it hard to get excited about Christmas and decorating the tree etc, however, this afternoon we went to Bluewater and had a look in the seasonal shop.

This was one of the sample trees in store and I've fallen in love with it - so much so that we bought the garlands, spiky white things, lime green and purple sparkly feathery birds and other adornments!

Am even considering putting the tree up on Monday (my last day of freedom before rejoining the rat-race)

Again the photos don't to the colours justice as it was so awesome. Will post my effort once done.


Jilly said...

Christmas will really come early in your house then Linda lol Good luck with the new job.

Anita said...

WOW! Linda, that is STUNNING! What beautiful lush colours, good for you on getting all the bits. Congrats on the job, what are you going to be doing? Good luck for tuesday.xx

liz said...

Beautiful tree Linda. Totally agree with you. 'Joining the rat race'? Have you got a job at last? I'm so glad if you have - you've had to wait so long - they just didn't know what they were missing! I hope its just what you want - look forward to hearing all about it on Saturday! xxx