Sunday, 25 October 2009

The end of an era

A sad end to the week as Dad closed up the caravan at Bognor Regis for good.
He doesn't want to go without Mum, obviously, and the ground rent etc is quite high.
We went down Thursday and sorted out what he wanted to bring home, stayed in a Travelodge Thursday and Friday nights. Robert came with the van after work on Friday so we loaded up yesterday and came home. Some of the neighbours & Management at Copthorne caravan park came to say goodbye and I hope they manage to keep in touch with Dad - he really needs his friends to keep him going!

Today, Sunday, Lianne's boyfriend Sam was complaining of stomach pains. He then started being sick so we were quite worried. We suggested they went to the Urgent Care Centre at Darent Valley and TG we did. He is currently undergoing sugery to remove his appendix!
We wish him a speedy recovery.

Hopefully a happier week to come?


Anita said...

Aww,bless him Linda, that must have been hard. Like you say, hope some of the friends he has made over the years keep in touch.
Hope your DD's boyfriend is ok, not the best way to spend a sunday eh. xx

Lynn said...

Oh dear what a week! Here's to a better week this week. x

Jilly said...

That is very sad Linda. An end of an era. He must be feeling it very badly. Lets hope he keeps in touch with the friends that he made.
And its a good job Sam contacted someone about his stomach pains. Could have been nasty.