Wednesday, 17 April 2013

And in the Blue corner.....

Last week/weekend saw a mamoth bake off at home, this is one of the results.
Firstly a poorly oven :(
As the first cake was about to be placed in, the handle decided it had had enough and broke.
Sadly it could not be fixed as the material had deteriorated and split and the other side would not come off - making the task difficult to say the least!
A good opportunity to buy a new one?
Again, a no! Robert went online and ordered a new part - well a girl can dream!
Anyhow, I digressed.
You may recall that at the beginning of March, my lovely friend Tracey's daughter was 18.
I made Emma a cake from a photo she showed me - all pink and zebra striped, see here.
Well, Tracey's sister's son was 18 on Sunday 14th so I was asked to make a similar version in blue's with a boxing glove on it.
The cake is an 10" and 6" chocolate sponge sandwiched with chocolate orange buttercream.
I covered the bottom one with blue fondant and cut out white stars which I glittered with edible glitter and Cranbury vodka - yes vodka - don't remember why but I was told it was the best thing to use???
The next layer is was covered with white and then placed onto the lower one centrally.
I added some 18's cut with blue fondant and some more stars.

I then piped stars (although they sank a little) around the base of both layers, with royal icing.
Little dots of the same were pipe to join the stars.
I piped a ring of dots on the top of the cake and then set about creating a glove.
This was made with red fondant and moulded by hand.
I cut a wedge out of the top and poked some holes with a skewer then placed "sausages" of black fondant across to form the laces.

Phew! Can't tell you how pleased I was to have finished this one!
Hope you had super day Archie - Happy Birthday

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Anita said...

So sorry to hear about the oven Linda....what a bummer! WOW! That cake is AWESOME! fab job! xx