Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Another first for me this year, I carved my very first pumpkin!

I googled it and found one on the Martha Stewart site which is so apt for me - just call me Martha etc :)
so had to use it.

This is the link to the pattern

This is how she looks in daylight

Hope you have a Happy Halloween and don't get tricked too much.


Anita said...

Oh wow! I think I shall call you Marthinda from now on LOL. This really is excellent, did it take long? xx

Linda said...

Thanks :)

I did it on Friday night between/after cooking and eating dinner so not sure how long.

Good fun though :)

sixofone said...

I love this. So clever

Lynn said...

Very scary! Great fun.

Sue said...

Brilliant job!!!

My simple life said...

very creepy, well done you!

vixen said...

Brilliant pumpkin :)