Thursday, 12 November 2009

Got a Cold!

Four days back commuting to London and I get a cold - I knew it would happen!
Wouldn't be so bad if a cough didn't come too, have had to stay at home yesterday and today as its made me sick :(

Thought I'd share a couple more of the cards I made on Saturday at Jill's (Cardinal Colours) and two more of the Kanban kit cards.

Hope you are all feeling well...........


Anita said...

FFab cards Linda. So sorry you are feeling pants, its horrid isn't it! I was like that on half term week and its taken a while to shake it off. Has it given you chance to play with your lovely Copics though?..xx

Linda said...

Unfortunately not Anita, have been in bed!

liz said...

Love your cards Linda. Can't understand my computer - didn't see this message nor the one where you said about Lianne's ear, although I saw your one about the scrapbook page. I'm sure it can't be me!!!! Glad you're better now though xxxx