Sunday, 8 May 2011

This time last week....

Robert recently bought me a Groupon voucher to go to a cup-cake decorating session in London.
The event was hosted by The Cocoa Box at the Britannia Hotel, Hampstead.
Robert came with me and when we arrived we were given 6 cupcakes to play with.

We were then given 3 pieces of fondant icing in white, pink and red and told how to make a bow, a cupcake and and ice cream cone out of it - which we did.
Two cakes were covered with Glace Icing (which she kept calling fondant - well she was American and that's what they call it :) - two with cream cheese frosting and then came the best part, we were let loose with a piping bag of buttercream. This was coloured mauve and had parma voilet flavouring.
After seeing Donna's "rose" cakes which she made for Lianne's 21st, I really wanted to learn how to make them, and here is my first attempt. Sprinkled with edible glitter - I was very happy with the result. 

Next was a swirl of buttercream and we were told to "be creative" with the leftover fondant so I made the butterfly below.

These are the finished six cakes with the bow, ice-cream cone and cupcake as above.
The pair of flowers I also made with the leftover fondant.
I'm not sure about that blue Glace icing but we had a lovely time and bought them home.
Lynn's husband Alan was my guinea pig and ate the one with the butterly - hope he's OK? LOL!

These are Robert's finished cakes.

That evening we dined at the local Miller & Carter steak house where I discovered the following:

Yum, Yum and more Yum!


Anita said...

Hey Linda....nice buns!!! ;) lol. You have really made a smashing job of those and so has Robert, they look too nice to eat! I was really impressed when you showed me the pcs yesterday and fascinated to hear about this groupon thing...what a great idea.

Lynn said...

Hi Linda, Alan is still alive and said the cakes tasted delicious. They look great too. Brilliant day but the look of it. You made a great first attempt at the piping.

That Cyder - being from Suffolk we know it well!!LOL!

Linda said...

Lynn, I know where I want to go next time I come to Suffolk then :)
You're driving!!!

Linda said...

Anita - you naughty girl :)

Anita said...

mwahahahahaaaaaa.... you know it! ;)

Sue said...

They look FAB!! Bet there are none left! Living in Suffolk, been drinking that cyder fore a while now :)

Anonymous said...

They look yummy, the flower icing is amazing.