Sunday, 29 May 2011

Storage for ProMarkers

I have been trying to find the perfect storage solution for my Promarkers. Unlike the Copics which come in clear plastic boxes, the promarkers are all loose.
Lynn made a lovely basket for hers with stitched pockets.
I looked at all the tool bags (workmens bags) etc, but could not find one that would work.
Then I had a brainwave - I got this cleaning storage unit from Matalan for £3.00 and was going to stitch an insert for it but another idea worked and much better! Read on.....

Top view showing the sturdy carry handle, perfect for going to crops etc.

And how are they held?
Volvic water bottles, the 1.5l variety, cut down to size and will hold up to 20 pens each.

Being removable, you can easily make your colour selection.
Next I am going to print and colour in a chart and stick them to the relevant areas.

What do you think?


Anita said...

Ooooh VERY clever! That looks brilliant AND not expensive either...i LOVE it!

Rosie said...

Oh WOW, that's lateral thinking all right - clever girl! Just a thought - I've stored mine the other way up and stuck a round white label on the ends, which is coloured with the pens. If your pens would work the other way that should give you the best possible view of the colours??

Deirdre said...

Thats a great idea, very inventive!