Wednesday, 25 May 2011

It makes me happy..

We have spent time over the last two weekends in Brighton. I don’t know why, but as soon as I get there I smile :)

Our first jaunt followed a visit to the Glitterpot on the Saturday 14th. I enjoyed some retail therapy at the shop before continuing our journey on to the coast. Driving in, I did have a feeling of doom seeing the signs announcing the Brighton Festival was on – the worry of nowhere to park and crowded areas is not conducive to a good day out! My fears were unfounded though as we parked without issue in the Regency Square car park and headed into a local restaurant for lunch (albeit rather late) of Lobster for me, fish and chips for Robert.

We then strolled along the seafront browsing in the many little shops in the arches under the boardwalk, in particular that of my favourite artist Daniel Laurence. We have five of his pictures at home mainly featuring fish swimming in deep blue ocean – remind me to share these another time. Why not pop over to his website and take a peek at his fabulous designs. Down at the shore line I took some photographs of the waves coming in, and ran from one which came a bit too fast and high.

Next was the pier which always reminds me of my teen years when Robert (yes I did know him back then!) and two other friends took a train down for the day, we had a lovely day with beautiful weather and wandered around in our bikinis and shirts – well Jenny & I did - got sunburnt on the backs of my legs so badly that I couldn’t sit down on the return journey! Back to the present though, I asked Robert to take me on the Ghost train lol! It was actually quite good with a high coil upwards, a dippy whooshy bit – technical term, you understand – then some really bad tableaux and stringy bits which tickled your face.

The lanes were our next stop but by this time of the day the shops had already closed :(

Then, back to the car for the journey home – still with a smile on my face I might add.

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Anita said...

Looks and sounds like you both had a super day out Linda.....Brighton is rather lovely to just chill out in....shame you missed out on the shops though :(....good excuse for another trip eh ;)