Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Perfect way to spend a birthday...

I was very lucky to be able to spend my birthday this year in Barbados.
It was a big one for me - 50 - which I have to admit I was not looking forward to.
I know it's just a number but when you realise that you are past the half way mark and the fact of your own mortality hits you like a sledgehammer, it's quite a blow!
Anyhow, I digress! I wanted to share a truly memorable experience!
We had spent a fabulous day in the sun around the pool and by the beautiful sea just chilling with a few cocktails. Our evening meal was booked at the fish restaurant, the Dover, and I had the most succulent steak and lobster meal. They had decorated the table with a golden runner and some table confetti and presented me with a bottle of bubbly. How fab was that, could it get any better?
We had been watching the crabs scurrying around on the sand when Robert said "Oh my god, there's a baby turtle!" At our welcome meeting we had been told they are an endangered species and that if we saw any hatchlings to tell the staff as there is a conservation project who will come and help. So, I stood up to find the restaurant manager but my timing was rubbish as the staff appeared at our table with my dessert sporting a lit candle, singing "Happy Birthday" to me!
Beautifully decorated plate :)
Once they had finished I was able to tell Sophia (the manager) and asked if I could take him (her) to the sea - which I did.
Of course Robert said he had arranged it - LOL!
Evidently when they hatch they head towards the light and as there was no moon that night they came towards the hotel. I saved another just after too as it was about to be attacked by a crab.
We looked along the beach with the staff but couldn't find the nest at that time but it was found later and we watched as the conservation team counted 170+ babies and guided them into the sea.
Its quite sad though that only 1 in 1000 survive, I hope my first hatchling makes it.
More to follow..........

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Anita said...

Fabulous photos Linda, looks like you had a wonderful birthday. Awww, bless those little turtles, so sad to see such a low number survive eh, hope your little one does xx