Saturday, 29 January 2011

A-Z Photo Challenge - B is for..................


I had been racking my brains trying to think of a suitable subject for B and then realised that I was going bowling with my team at work and colleagues from Leicester office.
Perfect opportunity!

I took some different photos of the bowling balls which I was quite pleased with, although its quite hard when they are constantly in use.

As you end up with just peoples behinds at these events I created the following collage with a trial piece of software (as watermarked below). Some taken by me and some by the rest of the crew passing my camera around. Some had to be removed though lol!

Apologies, in advance, to anyone this may offend.


Anita said...

You look like you all had a fun evening Linda :). Loving the pics of the balls. xxx

Scrappy~Sarah said...

a great evening was had it looks :) Great B photo, that website is fun isn't it :)

Lynn said...

That was a good idea to use Bowling for 'B'. Some good pictures of the coloured balls. Looks like a good way of sharing lots of photos.