Sunday, 11 July 2010

A very sad time..............

Friday was a very sad day.
Jess, my beautiful cat, died in his sleep.
He had a long and happy life and was 18+ years old.

Jess didn't originally belong to me, he lived along the Road from my old house.
He decided to move in with my other neighbours but spent a lot of time with me.
I think he preferred us as his owners had 2 small children at the time.

The neighbours moved so he came to live with me, his owners also moved and asked if I would like to keep him - which of course I did. He was such a character, so cheeky and funny and definitely in charge!

When we moved he came with us and changed so much, he used to be afraid of men but suddenly loved the world. He was so happy and spent a lot of his time under Roberts van with his legs catching the warmth of the sun. Most evenings were spent sleeping on my lap or at the end of our bed on my feet.
Sometimes competing for my lap with the laptop - he used to sit on the keyboard til I moved it away :)

This was his favourite place in the front garden, in the corner under the bushes for some shade.
He really is going to be missed so much, I still expect to see him marching up to the front door or snoozing in the sun.
Wherever you are, my baby, remember we love you xxxx


Karen said...

Oh Linda I am so sorry to hear about poor Jess and know exactly how you must be feeling - hope you are OK.

Lynn said...

So sad Linda, and I still found myself looking out for him when I reversed out of your drive. Hope you are feeling a little better now.

Anonymous said...

It is always so sad to lose a pet as they are part of the family. But you gave Jess a good and happy life and I am sure that he was very contented.

Anita said...

Oh Linda, I am really so sorry Hun. Not being a pet owner I know I probably can't fully understand how you feel, but I agree with Jill, you gave Jess a wonderful life and I hope you can take comfort in that. Hope you are ok...xxxx