Wednesday, 2 December 2009


A couple of years back, Robert bought me a Radley bag as a Christmas present. I really loved it and used it a lot.
It was a square bag with a border around the edge which looked like a frame. Unfortunately one of the straps split and needed repair. I contacted customer services to ask for advice and they said to send it in, so I did beginning of August.
Weeks went by and I heard nothing, so I e-mailed again - no reply. I called and was told it was being dealt with - nothing appeared. I called again at the end of September and was told "Oh, Yes, it will be with you next friday". Friday came and went and another and another.... I called again last week and was told they had no record of my details?????
Panic started to set in, so off the guy went to check again.
Hours later, I called back...."Ahhh" he said "does 45 St Michaels.... mean anything to you?" No...."does the name..... mean anything to you?" No.... "Ah, well thats where your bag was sent and signed for" Mmmmmmmm, you can imagine how I felt at this point?
Anyhow, after a lot of "tooing and froing" they said I could choose another from the website.
The result is above (with a new purse for my inconvenience) and whilst I'm delighted with my new bag I can't help but feel very let down and disappointed with the loss of my original bag - it was, after all, a present from my husband.


Anita said...

That is dreadful Linda, what dire customer service. Love the look of the new bag, but though, thats the least they can do.xlike you say, its not the same as the one your hubby got you, shame. Glad you got the purse

Anonymous said...

That is so sad Linda. Its unbelievable that someone would hold onto the bag like that.