Tuesday, 22 September 2009

My Grandfather

My dad did not have a birth certificate for his father, also called Harry Smith, and was unsure where/when he was born. His death certificate gave his age so we knew it was around 1900.

It made it impossible to trace the family tree in that direction although we knew his father was also Harry Smith - confused? I was :)

Dad thought his birthday may have been in April so I trawled the BMD and came up with two possibles so ordered the certificates (no fathers name on BMD index).

It arrived yesterday and suddenly opened a whole line of new family members dating back to 1833.


liz said...

Hi Linda
How exciting for you. Are you going to follow up the leads? I did family history and I know how addictive it can be. Not done it for quite a while now as cards have taken over.
Good luck with your investigations
Liz x

Linda said...

Hi Liz,

Yes am tracing back as far as poss but keep hitting dead ends as I' sure you know!
Which site did you use?

Lynn said...

Glad you seem to be getting some information now.