Friday, 20 July 2012

What a week!

Where to start?
As some of you know, my Mum, Jean, passed away last Tuesday, 10th July.
In some ways it was a blessing as she had been suffering with Dementia for quite a few years now.

Here she is with Dad when they were first together.

I hope she will find some peace now.

Thanks to everyone for the wishes, cards and flowers (below)

(more cards arrived after I took this picture)

Then, whilst sitting on the phone - doing nothing I might add! - my right knee decided to swell until it was the size of a watermelon!
The results?
A trip to A&E
A course of Anti-Inflamatory tablets
A pair of crutches
A visit to my private consulant
An MRI scan
A second visit to the consultant
An arthroscopy of my knee (surgery)
All within a week - Thank God I kept on my Bupa from a previous job!

Can't get worse I hear you say?

Saturday night - Dad broke his dentures
George (the cat) starts limping and can't put pressure on his back leg.
Sunday - trip to vets - he's now on Anti-Inflamatory medication too (Good job they don't give crutches to cats or we'd have three pairs - Dad still using his following knee replacement!)
Monday - trip to dental technician for repair.

If someone wrote this in a book you'd say - No! not possible, totally implausible!


fatmonica said...

Sorry to hear about your mum,it's a lovely photo.sounds like you've had a week of it.Hope your knee's on the mend and that George's leg is better.

Anonymous said...

love the photo of the cat. so sorry life has been uphill. I guess it can only get better.

Anita said...

Oh Linda! You really have been through waaaay too much haven't you :(. What a lovely pic though of your Mum and Dad....not such a nice pic of your poor leg though. Hope all the poorlys improve soon. The only way is up xx