Monday, 12 December 2011

Dressing the Tree(s) II

And on to the lounge....

I have taken a different approach to this tree and 'draped' it with floral garlands and sprigs.
Pride of place went to this lovely Angel, made by Lynn to match my colour scheme of purple and lime. Thanks, Lynn, she looks perfect.

I love these white spikey stems and the new lilac sunflowers.

There are jewelled, feathered birds too.
The lilac garland is new this year. 

These are the new jewel stems I got from the Christmas shop in Bluewater, some in an olive/lime green. 

Some in purple.

So, what colour is your tree this year and do you prefer traditional or modern?
Would love to hear your choices :)

Thanks for sharing.....



Lynn said...

Your tree is lovely again this year. The angel looks at home! Like the look of the jewel stems.

As for the poll - I'm a traditional girl when it comes to Christmas tres, but I do like the look of yours. Will need to pop round and inspect it!

Alison said...

So very pretty and I love all the embellishments and the "sticky outy bits" - just like a floral bouquet. I'd love to vary it up a bit, but money is tight, and DH goes for the "chuck it all on" kind of decorating!

Anita said...

WOW, that is quite amazing Linda, such a lot to see on there.
I am like Lynn and I am a traditional girl with my tree, reds,golds and greens, lots of white lights and glass candles and i just LOVE my new angel this year too :) x

Glen said...

I LOVE the purple and lime theme Linda - it's different, I like different *Ü* Your angel is very cute. TFS. ~Glen~