Monday, 19 December 2011


It's a quiet time of year at work as not many people travel for business during this period, so, I decided my blog was a little tired and needed a new look.

I chose a page I had created of Lianne's 21st, cropped it and added a text box to cover the photo.
(I didn't she'd like to feature on my header lol!)
I was really pleased with the original layout which I had based on a page by Liberty Chance, and thought the colours worked well.

I tried many of the backgrounds from the Cutest Blog and also Shabby blogs and decided on this one.

What do you think?
How did you create yours?

Would love to hear about how you created yours.
Thanks for sharing....

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Anita said...

Its very pretty Linda, loving the colours and especially those lovely torn roses. I used the bottom section of a favourite layout for my header and then edited the text on. Then I was lazy and just used a preset template from blogger. I really should have a look at shabby blog or cutest blog on the block as I have seen some stunning blogs about. oh dear....I think I may well get blog envy now lol.x