Friday, 10 September 2010

Hand made flowers.

My talented friend Anita loves new techniques and showed me how to make the following flowers.

This one is made using 3 sizes of retro punches, bazzill card stock, and water.

The flowers were punched, made damp and shaped with tweezers and pinching, then allowed to dry.
Layered up and a jewell added to the centre, they are quite stunning.

These ones started as a rough circle...

Cut into a spiral and rolled up, stuck to the centre with glue dots, then "squished" and embellished with some chalk in and a pearl centre.

Thanks for showing me how Anita, I look forward to adding them to my LO.


Lynn said...

These all look lovely Linda. Such clever ideas.

Anita said...

these look absolutely gorgeous Linda....told you they were fun to make eh ;)