Thursday, 5 January 2012

Spider yarn knitted for C&C

I am delighted to have amongst my friends the lovely Hayley West who regularly presents on
Create and Craft TV.
She asked if I could knit a sample for an upcoming show which I was more than happy to do.
The yarn is like a web with one open and one seamed hem (hence the name) you loop the stitches from the raw edge onto the needle to begin then use the same edge to continue.
I used size 8 needles and cast on 10 stitches.

This is the finished result.

And a close up which shows the beauty & texture of the yarn.

I love the way it is shot through with silver too.
It knits up very fast, I made this in an afternoon.

Check out the C&C website for other colours too.
Follow this link

Thanks Hayley, really enjoyed this one.


Anita said...

They really are lovely aren't they Linda....and so easy and quick too. I am not a knitter ( have only knitted squares in the past lol) but both myself and Sue have knitted loads and loads of these ( and I felt suitably proud too lol) Loving the silver shimmer running through that particular ball, so pretty.x

Mrs Wonka said...

Wow this is stunning! You clever thing! xxx

Sandra said...

Ooo, looks great. Loving the spider yarn. They would be fab knitted in black for Halloween too.
Sandra x

Claireliz said...

Oooh that's lovely.

Karen said...

Wow Linda you are a woman of many talents. Super scarf looks lovely.

Alison said...

Another Wow! The colour is just gorgeous - wish I could knit, crochet etc - but couldn't get the gist of it!
Well done - it's gorgeous!

sutty said...

That is gorgeous - I know lots of people that would love one of those - will have to look up the wool :)

Billie said...

COngrats on such a gorguss scarf, LOVE the colour.

What is the brand of the wool, I'd love to make this but for myself I'd prefer a version without the silver in it.

Best wishes


Linda said...

Hi Billie, its a German yarn via create and craft, see the link in the post. I know they do different colours but not sure if all have metallic thread. Good luck :)